Hedland Community Radio has lived various lives since its inception in 1988 and its first incarnation as North West Radio. At the time broadcasts were from a caravan on site at the Hedland TAFE. This worked for quite a period of time until various factors intervened and a period of inactivity resulted. Then Mulba Radio was put together as an indigenous broadcast station that run from 2002 until 2005 when the current entity Hedland Community Radio took over from where they left off, with much of the same local audience.

About Us

Over the Years since 2002, we have been in various temporary accommodations’, each requiring major volunteer time and expense for the moves. We were able to move out of the costly, temporary rental dongas to the broadcast teaching studio at the TAFE, Pundulmurra campus as an interim measure while preparations were completed at 119 Anderson Street. Finally set up in April 2013 in our fully independent home base in Port Hedland.  The building of our now permanent home 119 Anderson Street suits us well as it is part of a historic area of Port Hedland with a strong indigenous history. Much work needed still to get the building to a radiobroadcasting standard. We achieved this with a grant from the Pilbara Development Commission. By using our existing mast site and with work in conjunction with Optus, out transmitter site was revamped and safe, secure, cooled, housing was co-created for our transmitter equipment.

With the set up in Port Hedland, we had been able to split the signal coming from the transmitter in South Hedland to enable broadcasting from either studio. With 15 kilometres between centres, this enabled us to allow the best access for both studios and the volunteers of all ages and mobility status, to be part of the organisation. Unfortunately changes in the TAFE systems and building removals, saw this second studios demise in 2014. It is now a dream for the future to re-establish this set up.

Our Committee would like to thank all those that have contributed to every part of this journey and encourage new and existing volunteers to continue the valued journey with us. Always remember this is station belongs to you, the community and if you would like to see anything done differently, become a working part of it.

I see it as two arms, stretching out and embracing our wonderful Port Hedland community