Codes Of Practice

If you would like an electronic copy of the Community Radio Codes of Practice, please visit  the CBAA website.

Not Happy With Our Response?

If you are not satisfied with the result of your complaint, Please contact ACMA for further details on how to take further action. 

What’s Next?

We take all complaint seriously & we will respond to the matter. The Hedland Radio Board of Directors will discuss any complaints made to the station in due course & return a reply to you with details of the action we have taken.

When can you complain to the ACMA?

You can complain to the ACMA about a matter covered by a code of practice, if you have complained to the broadcaster and you have not received a response within 60 days of making the complaint or you are not satisfied with the response that you received.

If you have heard something on our station that you believe is a breach of the Community Radio Codes of Practice, you will need to make a complaint with us. You can submit your complaint.

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