Jesse Pawloff

Joan Foley 

Station Manager

Mark Herridge

Membership officer

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Garry J Ansell 

Programmer Coordinator

Hedland Communally Radio Inc Management Team

  Dave McGowan

As the station manager (Sr or Aunty) Joanie brings with her a lifetime love of Community radio from her 12year old announcing at VKW the voice of Cocos Is in 1964 to her place on this station from its inception in 2002, through the Mulba changes, to the 10th anniversary. The love of radio as an umbrella of care like 2 arms enclosing the local community drives her. As a cert 3 lecturer in Multi Media she has the skills and devotion to manage the station in its journey forward

Mike Knott 

​​​​    Senior Programmer      

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Occupation Health & Safety officer 

Commenced radio in Roebourne For Ngaarda Radio doing breakfast , request show and nothing but Ngaarda shows.

Station Programmer.

​Now working for Hedland Community Radio and loving it.


I've been at 101.3 FM for three years. I did topical affairs and music for about three months, then had a break when I changed employers. I have been doing Ballsn All, sport and music for about 2 years and 9 months. I am also membership officer, which entails trying to engage new members and organize the odd social function

Jesse commenced radio while still in year 9 at school and completed his cert 3 in Multi Media in 2013/14. During all the movements in the station he has worked alongside various technicians and I.T. volunteers and professionals to obtain a vast range of knowledge, all radio orientated. He has a great understanding of the Playlist Program we use for broadcast and his regular presence helps to see production issues are prioritised and addressed.